Search and rescue organization uses Marfle Fleet Analytics

Espoo Sea Rescue which is a member of Finnish Lifeboat Institution decided to use Marfle Fleet Analytics in all of their vessels. The organization actively carries out different rescue and relief cases in Espoo archipelago since 1966.

We are proud to see that a non-profit search and rescue organization which is solely dependent on volunteer work and donations purchases Marfle Fleet Analytics. This is a strong indicator that the system pays itself off by reducing fuel costs, extending engine life and increasing operational efficiency.

Efficient use of resources are crucial in saving more lives. System enables Espoo Sea Rescue to use the donations in a more efficient way.

Thinking about a search and rescue organization’s activities, Marfle Fleet Analytics can be useful in 3 main aspects:

  • Extending engine life with driving style analyses and engine data analyses
  • Reducing fuel consumption with fuel economy analyses
  • Easy management of the fleet in a possible search and rescue mission

Extending engine life with driving style analyses and engine data analyses

New vessels have CAT and Steyr diesel engines. System is compatible with various engine manufactures. Marfle has extensive experience with CAT, Volvo, Scania, MAN, and Cummins engines.

Engine wearing driving styles including cold starts, insufficient cooldowns, and high load can dramatically reduce engine life. By analyzing engine data, Marfle Fleet Analytics warns users when these problematic driving styles occur. Reducing them can extend engine life.

                                     Steyr engine is installed on a rib.

Marfle Fleet Analytics also provides in-depth engine data analyses with different engine parameters including coolant temperature, boost pressure, oil pressure, engine load, RPM, and fuel consumption. While users can monitor their vessels' real-time engine data during the trips, it is also possible to see how these parameters change in the long term. For example, a constant increase in fuel consumption or boost pressure in a given timeframe can be easily seen in trend analyses. These analyses can prevent bigger problems from happening. In addition, engines of search and rescue vessels should be always in good condition for urgent operations. Real-time data analysis has great value in keeping the engines in good condition.

Reducing fuel consumption with fuel economy analyses

System analyzes average fuel consumption for each speed and RPM level also with the engine hours in these levels. By communicating these analyses with the skippers, it is possible to establish optimum speed areas and reducing fuel consumptions. System also allows users to compare different vessels’ performance.

          SAR organizations can spend donations wisely with fuel economy analyses.

Easy management of the fleet

Marfle Fleet Analytics facilitates remote management of the SAR fleet by providing real-time information about the trips with a user-friendly interface. While users can access cloud-based analytics system from any portable device with internet connection, they can navigate through real-time analyzes which include vessel location on the map, course of the trip, fuel consumption and travel distances easily. User-interface visualizes in-depth analyses in an easy-to-use manner. System can show each trip separately for easy comparison.

Moreover, Marfle TV which is a new add-on can summarize most important information from the SAR fleet on TV screen. It can be easier to see fleet status and important decisions can be made rather quickly in search and rescue missions in which every second has critical importance.