Your fleet analytics on a big screen
Use Marfle TV to display your real-time fleet performance to visiting customers. Or follow fleet movements and significant events on your office wall.

Marfle TV add-on for Marfle Fleet Analytics

Marfle TV shows information collected in Marfle Fleet Analytics, our vessel engine and motion analytics service. Live fleet data can be displayed on a TV screen for customers visiting your premises, or used as a real-time data board for keeping fleet managers and technical personnel informed about the fleet’s current status. A Marfle TV display can be filtered to show only a partial fleet – useful for showing the status of a pilot station’s vessels on the station wall, for example.

Marfle TV loops through the vessels in your fleet and maps the routes taken by the vessels, with a 3-hour graph of crucial engine data. Constantly visible real-time information helps staff spot patterns in data, and build crucial insight for improving fleet operations.

Marfle TV features and displayed vessel data:

  • Vessel operational status
  • Current speed
  • Position and heading with speed vector on a nautical chart
  • Past track of the vessel
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine RPM
  • Coolant temperature
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Engine load

See Marfle TV in action

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