Cloud in, Amsterdam out

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.”

Even though the original source of this quote is still questionable, there is no doubt about its rightfulness.

Maybe all this chaos with Covid-19 is a part of human evolution. Maybe we are all destined to work from home and attend “virtual” exhibitions instead of flying to other counties. As a sales professional, I am a strong advocate of face-to-face communication. But let’s stop whining and look at the bright side. No alarms at 4:00 AM and no security checks at the airport.

Offshore Energy Exhibition is one of these virtual events. As Marfle, we will attend matchmaking events. If you manage a workboat fleet or have technical responsibilities with workboats, our solutions can facilitate remote management of your fleet and improve your operations' efficiency. To discuss how our solutions can help you, we would like to have a meeting with you. Simply you can register to the portal, search for “Marfle” or “Can Erman” and send an invitation to us for booking a meeting. It is also possible to attend roundtable sessions with different topics.

We would be more than happy to demonstrate our new product Marfle TV.  It is a TV dashboard that displays essential information and latest news from your vessels and workboat fleet on TV screen. While your fleet data becomes more visible and accessible, your objectives become more clear. You can get more information from here.

Most important information from your fleet visualizes on TV screen.

Marfle TV is an add-on for Marfle Fleet Analytics. While Marfle Fleet Analytics provides in-depth analyses about fleet, vessels, trips and engine analytics on mobile devices, Marfle TV is developed for having a quick picture of the vessels and fleet on TV screen. Without the need for checking detailed analyzes, fleet managers can see real-time work status and locations of vessels pretty quickly. Moreover, technical team can detect possible problems easily from useful graphs. It also enables you to present your fleet to your customers on TV screen in company lobby.

Our goal at Marfle is developing marine analytics solutions that make workboat owners’ lives easier. Everything becomes more digital, why not maritime.