Watch your fleet on Marfle TV

A new online channel, Marfle TV, will begin broadcasting for vessel owners soon.

It is a TV dashboard to view your vessels on TV screen and receive latest news from your fleet without effort.

Instead of trying to communicate with skippers simultaneously or getting tangled in detailed analyses, Marfle TV briefly shows you the latest vessel locations, work status and news.

Marfle TV is an easy way to monitor the vessels in your fleet.

In addition, technical team can detect possible problems easily from useful graphs and news section. For example, if a starboard engine displays high coolant temperature alert or one of the skippers doesn’t wait long enough before shutting down the engine, technical team in the office will be notified instantly on TV screen.

Last but not least, it is a useful way for promoting your fleet to your customers in company lobby. It combines latest analytics with a user-friendly interface and presents the fleet with nice pictures.

What is a TV dashboard?

It is a simple way to summarize and display your data. You can track and share vessel data on TV screen. While it makes the data simple and more accessible, your objectives become more clear.

What is Marfle Fleet Analytics?

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that facilitates remote management of the fleet, helps reduce wearing driving styles, and increases operational efficiency.

System provides real-time analyses about trips, engine data, fuel economy, driving styles, vessel motions and motion sickness of passengers.

It is being used by worldwide known fleet owners in more than 120 vessels including CTVs, tugboats and pilot boats.