Tug Life with Marfle

Alfons Håkans, one of the largest towage companies in Baltic Sea, preferred Marfle Fleet Analytics to improve their towage operations. The company provides towage services since 1945.

Pulling and pushing huge ships is not an easy task. It requires huge amount of power and sophisticated systems to excel in this delicate operation. Castor, the beauty in the picture above, has all the required skills to carry out this challenging task easily.

One of the biggest hurdles for crew on board was reading the engine faults when they occur. A red sign was blinking on engine display in the bridge. It was necessary to go down 3 floors to read engine faults and understand what the problem was. This was quite time consuming and ineffective for the crew on board.

Alfons Håkans solved this problem by integrating Marfle Fleet Analytics System on Castor. System gathers all engine information, analyses it and makes these analyses accessible anywhere with a user-friendly interface. Now the crew on board or fleet manager in the office can easily see engine fault codes instantly on their mobile phones or laptops.


Engine alerts can be seen in real-time in Marfle Fleet Analytics.

Not all the engine faults require urgent attention. System classifies fault codes in accordance with their severity and shows them in different colors. Their frequency is also visible on the heatmap. Moreover, fault codes can be seen historically. This gives the opportunity to plan preventive maintenance with respect to real-time data and improve engine health.


Engine alerts can also be seen historically in Marfle Fleet Analytics.

Nowadays, biggest goal in maritime industry is reducing fuel consumptions and emissions. Regarding fuel costs as one of the greatest variable operating expenses (OPEX) in the industry, the importance of understanding driving styles and fuel profiles becomes more important. Here Marfle Fleet Analytics comes in. We help you in finding optimal cruise and manouvering speeds for different situations.


System analyses fuel profiles for reducing operating expenses.

Now Alfons Håkans can monitor Castor's fuel consumptions in different speeds and cycles. It is in fleet manager's mobile in real-time. System's user-friendly interface makes it possible to see each speed and cycle during different operational modes easily. Even slight decrease in speeds and cycles leads to large reductions in operational costs. It is also possible to compare performances of different vessels in similar routes.

Towpull services have different modes in different kinds of operations. They include harbour towage, long haul ocean barge towing, high transit, low transit and other modes of assistance. In shore-side strategic planning sense, it is vital to know the exact cost of fuel in these different operating modes. This requires real-time monitoring and analysing fuel profiles.

Marfle Fleet Analytics System carries out comprehensive fuel profile analysis and presents it in a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to be on the vessel or in the office to see all these information. We make it accessible everywhere with every device which has internet connection.