Slowdown to Cooldown

Engine cooldown target is to cool the engine, especially turbos’ temperature down before shutdown. Cooldown consists of two parts:

  • Slowdown to cooldown - few minutes before coming to pier vessel is smoothly slowed down
  • Cooldown at pier - engine is being held idle 5-15 minutes

However slowdown is not easy. If the RPM falls too fast then the temperature rises. The engine is running the coolant system and on low revs it is quite ineffective.


Picture above from Marfle Fleet Analytics shows that:

  • at 8:18:50 RPM is 1680 and temp is 78°C
  • 10 secs later RPM is 1193 and temp has slightly risen
  • Slowdown should have started earlier and revs should have taken down more carefully


  • You should start slowing down early enough when approaching the pier
  • Keep engine running for at least 5 minutes on the pier