Marfle keeps growing with Seawork

After our third participation at Seawork, we came back home with smiling faces. Thanks to all visitors, exhibitors and organizers once again.

As years pass, we witness the transformation of a traditional industry and a growing demand for fleet analytics in maritime. We are glad to be part of this change and provide a different perspective as a software company from Finland. Every new exhibition seems to be more fruitful than the previous one. This year is a watershed for us because we secured deals with a new customer in Germany and the first installation of Motion Monitoring add-on for a CTV vessel in UK.

It is thrilling to secure a contract with a very well-known German CTV operator. This is our first customer from Germany, and we hope to declare its name and details of the deal in the following weeks. Germany is a very important and growing offshore wind energy market. Our new customer is a big player in this scene.

Happy to see that our present customers are also satisfied with Marfle Fleet Analytics and expand their contracts with new add-ons. Offshore Turbine Services expanded its contract with the new Motion Monitoring add-on. It makes in-depth analyses of the forces on the vessels and passengers to increase passenger comfort and security of the operations. New add-on is successfully tested by Finnpilot and our new deal with Offshore Turbine Services will help us to make it even better.

G-force analyses on Motion Monitoring

Apart from OTS, another CTV customer from Denmark has also showed interest to Motion Monitoring and we might install the system in one of their vessels in the following weeks.

Motion monitoring also attracted interest of major energy companies and the discussions speeded up at Seawork. They know the importance of Motion Monitoring for the offshore wind operations first-hand especially when it comes to improve the conditions of their staff. CTV vessels serve as taxis to transport offshore wind personnel of wind energy companies. Oftentimes, these trips can take very long hours in harsh sea conditions. This leads to seasickness and reduces performance. On the other hand, analysing the forces on the vessels and their impacts can significantly improve the safety of operations during the transfer of the equipment from CTV vessels to offshore wind platforms. Considering the recent accidents in the sector, energy companies should take precautions to increase the safety of their operations. In the light of our developments, two major energy companies are intrigued, and we continue the discussions.

Traditional cardboard boat regatta

Despite heavy downpours on the last day of the show, we had amazing time in Southampton. Thanks to Guinness Pub’s relaxing atmosphere and live music. It is a good way to make business! We look forward to exhibiting in this unmissable event once again.