Njord Offshore inks contract with Marfle

We are thrilled to announce that Njord Offshore has decided to use Marfle Motion Analytics in their CTVs. The company is operating a large fleet of CTVs which consists of 21 vessels in Northern Europe.

3 installations were already carried out in Njord Magni, Njord Forseti and Njord Zephyr. Another installation in Njord Avocet will be scheduled soon. These vessels are equipped with Volvo Penta and MTU marine diesel engines.

Marfle Motion Analytics is an add on to Marfle Fleet Analytics. Extra motion sensors enable analyzing vessel motion in addition to the main features of Marfle Fleet Analytics.

Vessel motion analyses are quite important for Njord Offshore in many aspects. First of all, keeping the impact forces on wind turbines during dockings within the limits is essential in terms of turbine health. Therefore, they should be monitored and reported to the turbine owners.

Secondly, the change in heave height of the vessel is an important parameter to keep an eye on for the safety of the transfers between wind turbines and vessels. Bad weather conditions can jeopardize the safety of the personnel and equipment during these transfers.  

Thirdly, work efficiency of turbine technicians can largely be affected by their comfort during transit trips to wind turbines.  Motion sickness of the passengers can be analyzed through the system and masters can improve their driving style to keep the values within the limits.

Njord Offshore monitors all these important parameters with Marfle Motion Analytics and reports them to its customers such as energy companies and offshore wind farm operators on daily basis. That's an easy way to inform their customers about high quality of their operations.

In addition to motion analytics, main features of Marfle Fleet Analytics also played an important role for Njord Offshore to choose Marfle. These features include engine diagnostics, driving style analyses and fuel economy analyses.

CTV owners usually work with very strict contracts and it is crucial for them to keep the marine engines running without any unexpected surprises. Engine diagnostics tools provide real-time and long term trend analyses for all engine parameters. In addition, driving style analyses tool can help vessel owners maximize their engines' lifetime.

Last but not least, fuel economy analyses provide guidance about the most optimal speed and RPM levels to maintain low fuel consumption during operations. While the oil prices are climbing up these days, it can be a useful tool to reduce your fuel costs in marine operations.