New Features on Marfle

During this autumn we have added several new features into our fleet analytics service.

As always we made several little fixes and improved performance and availability.

The most prominent improvements are:

  1. Day view
  2. New engine information
  3. Limiting vessel visibility

Trips vs. Days


Marfle has always shown vessel movements as trips. But some of our customers needed to see whole days instead of trips. Previously we had made a "day tripper" for them.

After a complete rewrite of our tripper code, we are now able to provide all our customers with day view. This can be accessed from top right corner of trip list.

New Engine Information

Three new engine parameters are now available on trip view: coolant pressure, oil pressure and throttle position. Not all engines send these, but those who do can now be monitored.


Limiting Vessel Visibility

We changed the way users get access to vessels. Now it is possible to create user group that has access to limited set of vessels.

We needed to make this feature as flexible as possible because our customers have different organizational structures. Some vessel operators want to restrict vessel visibility by country, others by homeport.

An interesting use case is to let maintenance mechanic to see all the history before deciding which tasks are need to be done.

It is also possible to let vessel crew to see only their own boat.

Whats Next

Next up is the alerting system.

Our customers in UK have a need to raise an alarm when something abnormal is happening on vessel. For example, when the crew drives a boat with RPM too high an alert can be sent.

We will also make it possible to send vessel data to third party systems. Automating the engine runtime collection to planned maintenance system helps to plan ahead tasks to do in the next harbour visit.

This feature should land soon on Marfle. If you are interested to test this feature, please contact us!