Nearby traffic feature is ready

Marfle team keeps developing new features to provide complete marine analytics solutions for vessel owners. Nearby traffic feature is one of the most recent and important ones on Marfle Fleet Analytics.

Now it is possible to see all nearby traffic and vessels in the system. You can see other vessels' location, heading, speed over ground and course over ground on the map. This gives a complete picture for situational awareness. An important missing piece in the puzzle is ready to use.

Now it is possible to see all nearby vessels, their heading, course and speed on the map in real-time.

This feature can be useful in many different cases. For example, when a pilot boat embarks on a big ship, it is possible to review how the pilot boat and piloted ship met on the sea in detail. If there was a near miss situation, it could be easier to understand what happened during the operation. This feature is relevant for all marine operations including towage and crew transfers.

It is a sad fact that marine accidents keep happening. Location, heading and speed information of nearby vessels can be useful in preventing from possible accidents or examining them.

We know that there are plenty of good products in the market for these purposes. With the new feature, users won't need to switch between different applications. With only one system, they can access to real-time situational awareness and other features of Marfle Fleet Analytics which provide in-depth analyses about their vessels and fleet.

These features are focused on:

  • Easy management of the vessels and fleet with real-time information from the trips
  • Reducing fuel consumption with fuel economy analyses
  • Extending engine life with driving style and engine data analyses

Other recent developments including Motion Analytics, CCTV recordings, emissions monitoring, Marfle TV and reporting functionalities also increase the value of the system.

Nearby traffic feature relies on local Automatic Identification System (AIS). At the moment it is available for the customers in Europe. In the future, it might be also used in other parts of the globe.

You can watch this video to see how nearby traffic feature looks like on Marfle Fleet Analytics.