Mush Mush Maritime Slush

Dec 1 afternoon was packed with maritime business at Helsinki Conference Centre. The focus was on digitalization, naturally.

ABB had an impressive presentation on a variety of digital solutions, not forgetting machine-learning in their video vessel control. Marfle salutes ABB’s Integrated Services as it pin-points the concept of Marfle solution, on totally different scale, of course. ABB does offshore and satellite, Marfle is near-coast for workboats with affordable cellular communications. Otherwise it is pretty the same.

Wärtsilä, Viking Line and Rolls Royce presentations were equally great but from a different angle. Again, digitalization is the word. If you feel the word is worn-out a bit, in maritime it is red-hot. Last year there were talks about it, now it is the essence, the runner-up being ‘efficiency’. The transportation is about to change and it is about automation and race between trucks and vessels.

The attendee list was more than two times longer compared to year 2016 and there were plenty of actual Slush people participating to this side-event as well. Marfle met existing customers the first second we entered and had valuable new contacts. The Finnish maritime industry knows each more than fairly well and our team is recognised among the crew.

What a wonderful event! Wonder what this will be the next year!