Meet Marfle at UKMPA Conference

130th conference of United Kingdom Maritime Pilots' Association take place in Bristol on 23rd of May this year. We will be there to introduce our fleet management solutions to British pilots, representatives of major UK ports and international pilotage organizations including EMPA and IMPA.

UKMPA is the main pilotage association in UK and it dates back to 17th century. The organization influences the development of new regulations in national and international level and helps its members in many aspects since its foundation.

Main topic of this year’s agenda is “Aftermath of an Incident”. Open session programme involves eminent speakers from different organizations including government agencies like Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB). They have significant roles in maritime regulations and investigations of possible maritime accidents in UK.

Marfle Fleet Analytics for Finnpilot Pilotage

Marfle Fleet Analytics solutions are widely used in pilotage. For instance, Finland’s main pilotage organization Finnpilot Pilotage utilizes Marfle Fleet Analytics in 73 pilot boats.

The government organization decided to spread the use of software in its whole fleet after a successful pilot period for 4 of their vessels in 2016. The software prevented a possible turbo failure before it happened. You can check our blog post for detailed information.

Marfle Planned Maintenance System for pilot boats

Marfle Fleet Analytics is not the only solution we provide to Finnpilot. We also developed a bespoke Planned Maintenance System for Finnpilot.


Marfle Planned Maintenace System offers a comprehensive tool for maintenance tasks.

Marfle Planned Maintenance System encompasses many features to follow and organize maintenance, certificates and bunkering.

Like Marfle Fleet Analytics, it can be accessed from anywhere with any device which has internet connection. Marfle Fleet Analytics and Planned Maintenance System are integrated to each other. Fleet Analytics System sends updated engine data to Planned Maintenance System. By doing so, Planned Maintenance System knows the exact engine hours up to date and specific time for the next maintenance.

According to the Finnpilot, Marfle Planned Maintenance System is an inseparable part of their fleet management with Marfle Fleet Analytics. Since the organization uses both services together, they can fulfil different requirements with compatible systems provided by a single source.

Marfle Simulation for Finnpilot Accident

On the other hand, Marfle helped Finnpilot to understand better a very misfortunate incident. A pilot boat of the organization capsized off the southeast coast near Emäsalo Island. Unfortunately, divers reached bodies of two pilot cutter operators from the sunken vessel. You can read Finnpilot's post regarding the accident.


Marfle Accident Simulation for Finnpilot helps investigation board to solve the puzzle.

Marfle data loggers were installed on the vessel and we managed to obtain engine and vessel data at the time of accident. In the light of these important data, we developed a simulation of the accident to identify underlying factors which led to the accident. According to Finnpilot, this simulation is very helpful to shed light on the accident and understand how it really happened.

The image above indicates the positions of pilot boat and large vessel at the time of the accident. It is possible to see manoeuvres of vessels and the distances between them before the accident and at the time of accident.

Engine data including Driver Demand Torque and Engine Torque show skipper’s reaction at the time of accident. According to the investigation board, the simulation is very helpful to rule out many possibilities which come to mind and it sheds light to identify the underlying factors. The final report of the Investigation Board in not finalized yet.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the relatives and colleagues of those who died in the accident.