Marine Analytics in the time of Corona

Amid Corona lockdown, there is a group of people that we tend to forget their tireless efforts: Seafarers. While many of us can work safely from home, pilots keep embarking the ships and tugs keep pulling them for food imports come through marine gateways. Many CTVs are still transferring staff and equipment to offshore wind farms for them to generate electricity.

On the other hand, many shoreside employees like fleet managers can work from home. Latest technology should facilitate their work in these bleak days. Here, Marfle Fleet Analytics comes into play. System is especially designed for workboats including CTVs, tugboats and pilot boats. It can help fleet managers in many ways to keep them staying on top of their fleet:

Real-time vessel and fleet information

Either you work from home or somewhere else, you can access critical vessel and fleet information from your mobile or laptop in real-time. Track real-time engine and course information on the map, compare different vessels and review trip performance. All are at your fingertips.

Instant alerts

You don’t need to check the system 24/7. Set your own limits for high speed, high fuel consumption or proper driving styles, and receive instant notifications. You can also be notified regarding important engine alerts instantly.

Better decision making for safety of the operation

Motion analytics can be your eyes on the vessel in critical conditions. By checking the heave amplitude of the vessel, you can improve safety and decision making process in bad weather conditions. Big waves can be dangerous while a CTV is landing to the offshore wind turbine or a pilot vessel is embarking a big ship.

We owe deep thanks to seafarers in addition to all others for their selfless efforts during this difficult time. Stay safe!