Marfle's Week at Seawork

Seawork International is Europe’s largest workboat exhibition. Seawork is regarded as the industry’s one-stop-shop, providing buyers, legislators and influencers with direct access to the commercial marine and workboat market, its products, its innovations and its people, for three invaluable days every June. Since 1998 Seawork International has delivered a unique on-shore and on-water trade exhibition.

The interest and attendance at the event has turned into growth again and we witnessed busy booths in all of four exhibition tents. Even more attracting was the pier crowded with boats turned into booths, especially when the sun was shining ever so bright. Marfle booth was located in Small Business area with its wide booth that had good visibility. The sponsorship Marfle bought worked well, we surely did not go unnoticed in the event.

Team Marfle spent a week at the exhibition and in the proximity. Crew Transfer Vessel industry is clearly the most interesting to Marfle. In the business the operators vary in size from very small companies to international players. Our relevancy in CTV business was underlined the moment we signed the deal with Mr Mike Proudlove from Offshore Turbine Services Ltd. One of boats of OTS in Finland has been equipped with Marfle for a while and the results were convincing enough that another boat was installed during the exhibition and the roadmap for further installs was sketched. That aside, we focused on this segment and got proof that we have clear traction here. We are satisfied with the amount of leads and agreed meetings.

As the exhibition was crowded with all essential players, we had unique opportunity to see and learn the position and attitude of each party in value-chains. There were organised seminars and free-form discussion regarding the value-chains. We made very positive a note on the fact that the awareness of benefits of analytics is growing among the companies that acquire transfers from the operators. The moment of realisation is happening right now and we foresee that next year the expectations have been formulated into more specific requirements.

Analytical solutions for workboats come in abundance and the message is quite similar to the one of Marfle's. Our competitive advantage comes from our background in software which sets the baseline to expectations of the user experience, security and insight-extraction from data. As Internet of Things has been the big hype for the last few years, there is multitude of data sources and the issue is the information overload, endless amount of reports await to be read. Marfle puts focus on recommendations and suggested actions in order to reduce the amount of human processing needed. All in all, after the exhibition we feel we do the right thing and the right way, our position in the market is positive and we see there is a clear potential to work on.