Marfle is attending Offshore Energy Exhibition

Marfle team will be attending Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference on 26 & 27Th of October. It takes place in RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. Come and meet us at our stand 1.345.

The organization is Europe’s leading event for the entire offshore industry. It brings offshore energy and maritime industry together. Exhibitors from different fields including workboat owners, dredging companies and ports showcase their services in the event. Many of these companies can benefit from marine analytics solutions to improve the quality of their fleet operations.  Two years ago, we had attended the event and received many positive feedbacks from the vessel owners. Over the course of last two years, we see a growing demand for Marfle Fleet Analytics. We have also installed the system in new vessels from different segments.

Crew Transfer Vessels owners is an important segment that participates in the exhibition. CTV owners provide services in offshore energy industry with their highspeed vessels. Many of them embrace innovation at a very high level and we can see the applications of latest technologies such as fully electric or hybrid vessels.

Marfle Fleet Analytics is being widely used in CTV segment. Offshore Turbine Services, Tidal Transit and MHO-Co employ the system in 17 CTVs for many years. These vessels are being very actively used in offshore wind farms in North Sea, especially in the UK. Number of these vessels keep growing as the companies and industry grows rapidly. Today, Marfle Fleet Analytics is being used in more than 150 vessels considering the other segments of workboat operations as well.

Offshore Turbine Services benefits from system's vessel motion analyses in drone operations .

There are different reasons for CTV owners to install Marfle Fleet Analytics in their vessels. Some of them are reducing fuel consumption through fuel economy analyses, being able to make strategic decisions based on real-time and historical data through operations review feature, improving the safety of the operations with vessel motion analytics feature and access to online CCTV recordings, receiving automatic daily reports about their operations and sharing them with energy companies, and improving their preventive engine maintenance with system’s in-depth engine data analyses capabilities.

One of the advantages of Marfle Fleet Analytics is its user-friendly interface. No matter how much data a system brings to its users, it is essential to present them with a high-quality user experience. Since Marfle is a software company, we show our expertise in coding with the visualization of the data and easy navigation between different different functions. A seamless user-experience is the strong suit of Marfle Fleet Analytics.

Today, the advancements of mobile technology and high-quality user interface design permeated in our lives very deeply in many different fields. As a software company that has experience in marine industry, we apply the same technologies and design principles in marine analytics solutions with Marfle Fleet Analytics. You don't need to get lost in manually prepared reports to access the right information for making strategic decisions about your fleet anymore. Marfle Fleet Analytics provides automatic reports and a wide range of features with a seamless user experience. For example, it is possible to see a vessel's position in its course simultaneously with exploring the changes in different engine parameters.

In addition, nearby traffic is an important feature to mention. We have witnessed unfortunate events in offshore operations including vessel collusions. Impacts of such events are catastrophic both for the vessel owners and energy companies. They result in injuries and huge financial loses for both parties. Nearby traffic feature leverages AIS data and shows the location, speed and heading information of the other vessels which are navigating close to your vessels. You can easily monitor the other vessels on the map in real-time without having the need of switching to other application. It also allows you to analyze the safety of your operations in terms of possible incidents or near miss situations. Safety examinations can also be supported by reviewing online CCTV footage and vessel motion analyses.

Nearby traffic in an offshore wind farm

We would like to meet you at Offshore Energy Exhibition and have a conversation about how Marfle Fleet Analytic can improve the quality of your operations. You can meet us at our stand 1.345 or reach out to us from the contact details below:

Can Erman, Business Development Manager

+358 40 532 6070,,