Marfle Motion Analytics installation

We installed Marfle Motion Analytics system on a pilot boat that is owned by Finnpilot. This is the 4th motion analytics system installation in Finnpilot fleet. Norwegian pilot boat owner Bukser og Berging also uses Motion Analytics in one pilot boat. In the video below, our engineer Iivari Viljanen explains the installation from the board of Finnpilot vessel:

Motion Analytics system is mainly composed of a mobile computer, a long-range antenna and motion sensors. Two motion sensors are used in this pilot boat. First motion sensor is installed under master’s seat to monitor master's comfort. System is capable of measuring whole body vibration (WBV) on the vessel. According to EU directives, vibrations that exceed certain limits can be harmful for the crew on board.

The second motion sensor is installed on the front side for analysing bow motion of the vessel. Sometimes pilots face with risky situations due to big waves and bad weather conditions. Monitoring up and down movements of the pilot boat enables boat owners to see how safe pilot transfers are being made. They can evaluate the embarking process and increase the safety of pilot transfers.

Similarly to pilot boats, Motion Analytics can improve the operations of CTVs in offshore wind farms in many ways. This can be beneficial both for the CTV owners and the energy companies. Most importantly, accurate measurement and monitoring of the impact forces put on the wind turbines during landing has critical importance. Exceeding upper limit values can give damage to the wind turbine in the long run.  Skilled maneuvering of the master can minimize these docking impacts. While knowing that these impacts are being measured and also seeing them will encourage the master to do his best.

Bad weather conditions and high waves can risk the safety of moving personnel and equipment between CTV and wind turbine. You can evaluate how safe your transfers are being made through Motion Analytics. On the other hand, measuring the sea sickness of passengers and whole body vibration (WBV) of the vessel can be beneficial in improving passenger comfort and productivity. Motion sickness index shows the passenger comfort during the trips in a scale. Fleet managers can use this index for evaluating passenger comfort and making decisions for the upcoming trips. Last but not least, Motion Analytics facilitates daily reporting of critical information between CTV owners and energy companies.  

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