Marfle introduces on-board display

Now we have a perfect solution that can help masters stay on top of their fuel economy performance during the operations. It is Marfle on-board display.

The system adds a new dimension to Marfle Fleet Analytics. It brings together the masters on-board and real-time insights for optimizing their speed and fuel consumption. System gives masters full control over their fuel performance in the operations.

Marfle's on-board system offers guidance to the masters for greener operations in real-time. While it is collecting and analyzing speed and fuel consumption data of the vessel, it also brings it to the fingertips of the masters on-board with nice visuals. Moreover, the system gives feedback about high fuel consumptions with an interface that is fun to use. It can be regarded as a personal trainer for the masters towards more sustainable vessel operations.

Green leaf on the display means that the master navigates the vessel in an environmental friendly way.

Nowadays, every vessel owner has goals for reducing the environmental impacts of their operations. At this point, your masters are the key players. The ideal plan should put your masters in the center of your sustainability strategy. Here, Marfle on-board display comes into play. Masters can actively participate in the process with real-time insights and feedbacks regarding their fuel economy performance. System can increase masters' awareness and make it easier for them to see the results of their actions on fuel consumption in real-time. Seeing instant changes on fuel consumptions can also increase masters' motivation towards more sustainable operations.

It is also understandable that some of your masters might be reluctant to be in the center of your sustainability strategy in the beginning. That’s why we employed gamification techniques to make the process more fun. System sets the goals towards greener operations and masters can receive instant feedback about their performance. This can be a great way for reducing the environmental impacts of operations and building an efficiency culture in your organization.