Digitalizing Lifeboats

It is not possible for us to express our gratitude for lifeboat organisations and their volunteer crews for putting their lives on the line to rescue others against extreme conditions and difficult seas, but we can help them use best tools to ease their operations. Marfle Fleet Analytics Software improves engine health, facilitates the management of the fleet and reduces fuel costs in operations and patrolling.

Finnish Lifeboat Institution is the national umbrella organization for volunteer maritime rescue associations in Finland. Its volunteers carried out 1595 different rescue and relief cases so far.

Engine health

The organization chose Marfle Fleet Analytics Software in two of their vessels. They declared that biggest benefit of the system is that it improves engine health for their Caterpillar and Steyr engines. The system is compatible to different engine manufacturers. Vessels and their engines should be in the best condition for a probable rescue operation. They require special care since rough seas and extreme conditions take their toll on lifeboats. Marfle Fleet Analytics Software improves engine health by gathering and analysing engine data including oil pressure, coolant temperature, boost pressure and relative load in real-time and historically. It allows to see engine anomalies before they happen with its simple user interface. Predictive maintenance can be very beneficial in saving time and lives. Moreover, maintenance activities can be planned based on real engine data instead of engine hours. This can reduce downtimes and lead to a more effective maintenance.


Accurate real-time engine data

Fuel savings

Finnish Lifeboat Institution also declared that they observed fuel savings with the use of software. It shows comparable graphs regarding the relationships between different speeds, cycles and fuel consumption. This gives insight for driving profiles of skippers in different cases. Through detailed analyse of these data, most efficient driving style can be understood and optimum fuel consumptions can be reached. It is a pleasure for us to help the better use of donations through savings. You can also check the details of fuel consumption curves from our previous blog post and you can see the video to see how easily our equipment was installed to Finnish Lifeboat Institution vessels.


Simple graphs show the accurate data and relationships between speeds, cycle and fuel consumption.


One of the vessels of Finnish Lifeboat Institution which uses Marfle Fleet Analytics Software

Better management

Lifeboat organizations rely on volunteer crews. In a rescue operation, ship-to-shore communication and coordination of volunteer crews are extremely important for saving time and lives. In comparison to traditional on-bridge systems, Marfle Fleet Analytics Software makes it possible to see detailed information regarding trips, vessels and engine health from any device which has internet connection anywhere in real-time. This eases the management of whole lifeboat fleet by improving ship-to-shore communication and allowing station team to monitor vessel conditions in real-time. While skippers are dealing with strong winds and huge waves, operations manager can help them by accessing right information in the right time.


It is possible to track vessel route and see detailed information about trips.

Apart from these benefits, monitoring driving profiles of different skippers can be useful in trainings, help them to improve their skills and reduce training costs.