Let’s meet at Aqua Nor!

World’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition Aqua Nor will take place in Trondheim, Norway between 24-27th of August this year. The exhibition dates back to 1979 and attracts thousands of companies from vessel owners to offshore fish farmers. Like the last event in 2019, Marfle will be there to take the pulse of aquaculture industry and meet with vessel owners.

We had built long lasting connections in the last exhibition and signed a partnership deal with Rogaland Marine. The company serves to numerous customers from aquaculture industry in Norway and fulfills all vessel needs from engine & parts sales, hull modifications & repairs, navigational equipment and electronics. They also work with some of our existing customers such as Bukser og Berging. Our partnership with Rogaland Marine strengthens Marfle’s presence in Norway with better service to our customers in addition to the company’s wide sales network in Norwegian aquaculture industry.

One of the most important topics in this year’s program is operational safety in aquaculture industry. Digitizing vessel operations and data-driven decision making is extremely important to eliminate the risks and increase operational safety of the vessel operations. In this regard, Marfle Fleet Analytics can be quite useful for vessel owners in aquaculture industry.

Marfle Fleet Analytics' features including detailed trip review and online video recording provide insights about vessel operations to increase operational safety. While real-time information from the trips facilitates easy management of the vessel and the fleet, CCTV footage allows vessel owners to analyze the causes of possible incidents and plan future preventative measures.

You can stay on top of your vessel operations with online video feature.

In addition, detailed trip review feature shows the exact location of the vessel, its course and nearby vessel traffic on the map in real-time. If an incident happens with another vessel, nearby traffic information can help you understand the possible reasons.

Marfle Fleet Analytics can also contribute to significant savings in fuel consumption of your vessels. You can communicate systems' fuel economy analyses with your skippers to reduce fuel costs and easily follow their performance.

Fuel consumption analyses can be seen in a user-friendly interface.

In addition, system features such as emissions monitoring and fleet reporting functionalities can facilitate remote management of the fleet.

For reaching out to us and booking a meeting during the exhibition here is our contact details:

Sales: Can Erman, +358 40 532 6070, sales@marfle.com