Focus on Knowledge Sharing with Marfle's Planned Maintenance Solution

Picture by Sami Raanti

Marfle has developed a planned maintenance system for workboats with special knowledge sharing features. It is in use at Finnpilot and Meritaito (Seahow).

We have now made the deployment process of Marfle PMS very efficient. We can now set up your vessel collaboration workspace in a brief. Contact us to get your own demo access.


Marfle PMS has the common features of a planned maintenance system including

  • Maintenance
  • Defects
  • Certificates
  • Bunkering

Our PMS system for workboats is really easy to use compared to complex PMS systems designed for big ships.


Marfle PMS covers all the needed features of Planned Maintenance

Knowledge Sharing

Additionally, Marfle PMS has superb knowledge sharing features. It really makes communication easy. It is easy to use with mobile app in the field. Commenting and sharing are built-in features. You get notified if someone changes or comments something that you are following.


Organising work on the field efficiently - it's all about good communication.

Integration to Marfle Fleet Analytics

Marfle PMS also integrates with Marfle Fleet Analytics. If you have Marfle Fleet Analytics on your vessel you get the running hours automatically to Marfle PMS. Engine hours are then always up to date and you can forecast accurately when is the right time to execute maintenance tasks. If you have many vessels, think how much time and effort you can save with automatisation. And your crew can focus on the operations that brings value to your customers.

How this helps your stakeholders?

Your maintenance personnel:

  • Planning your week is easy because you easily see what engines you need to maintain this week and are there any certificates that needs to be renewed
  • One can record bunkering in few seconds with mobile app
  • One can label maintenance tasks done on vessel with mobile app
  • You get notified to your mobile every time someone makes changes or shares information regarding a vessel you are following


  • You can easily control if all the maintenances have been done according to maintenance program
  • Is there any compliance issues (i.e. certificates that are not valid)
  • Is there defects common to certain vessel type or engine model


  • You can check vessel status from mobile app before leaving to sea

External maintenance personnel:

  • It is easy to share all the information about a vessel, maintenance program, defects and previous maintenance tasks to external maintenance specialists


Marfle PMS is fully cloud based SaaS solution. You can use it on any browser with mobile and laptop. There is also easy-to-use mobile app that makes your life easier while working on the field.