Installation Trip to UK

Last week I went on a trip to Grimsby and Mostyn in UK. Packed my bags full of tools and electronics and got on a plane. The reason for the trip was that Tidal Transit would get 2 of their boats equipped with our system. Tidal Transit's boats are special: they are made of GRP and have a cool hull design.

I installed our system on Tidal's crew transfer vessels Eden Rose and Tia Elizabeth. I was very pleased with how well the electronics compartment was planned and it made the installation easy.

It was the first M.A.N engines I have installed and I was pleasantly surprised. The M.A.N engines gave out much more engine parameters than any of the current engine manufacturers we have in our system. With the system Tidal's crew and management can keep track of the boats and see all the important information they need about their engines.