How It Works

This brief comic strip explains how our system works.

Marfle is fleet analytics service for workboats and related vessels. Installation to vessel is easy and user interface work both mobile and desktop.

With Marfle you can

  • Track operations on sea
  • Monitor engine health
  • Optimise fuel consumption
  • Optimise fleet utilisation

Marfle dashboards are useful for management, technical staff and vessel crew.

Here we go...

Our Captain Haddock lookalike installer arrives to your vessel and attaches our datalogger to engines.
While engines are running our datalogger acquires RPM, consumption, temperatures, pressures and all the other data from the engine.
Data is then sent through cellular networks to our service in cloud.
Fleet Manager is happy to see engine health, fuel report, driving style and trips from Marfle web service. No Haddock curses needed. Except when your skipper uses full throttle all the time.