Falmouth Harbour aims to reduce its carbon footprint with Marfle

We are extremely happy to have a new customer from the UK: Falmouth Harbour. The organization is a Trust Port and Statutory Harbour Authority and are responsible for providing pilotage for the Falmouth Pilotage Area covering Falmouth Bay, the Carrick Roads, the River Fal and the Penryn River.

You might have seen this small town from the coast of Cornwall in southwest England on the news recently, as Cornwall hosted the G7 summit at Carbis Bay last June.  One of the main topics of this summit was taking the necessary measures for reducing global carbon footprint and combating climate change.

Reducing the carbon footprint of vessel operations was also Falmouth Harbour’s main concern when they started to research the data analytics systems on the market.

According to the operations manager Tom Redgrave, Marfle Fleet Analytics was the obvious solution  considering the system’s capabilities in identifying efficiencies through fuel consumption and driving style analyses. Here are his own words:

“We installed the Marfle data monitoring system aboard Arrow, our 16m pilot boat, in order seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint and operating costs.

The data being received is extremely detailed and the support from the Marfle team has been excellent. The system is reliable and easy to use and the Coxswains are able to log in and review their own performance.

We now have real evidence of exactly what our boats do and which jobs are the heaviest on fuel usage and wear and tear. Our team can work towards driving more efficiently and consider ways to tweak our schedule to reduce fuel usage, whilst watching for early signs of engine issues.”

The team can easily see the most efficient speed levels with the fuel consumption analyses which is given in the graph above. The coxswains can then work to reduce the carbon footprint of the vessel. Detailed driving style analyses can warn him against inefficient driving styles by leveraging real-time engine data, creating a clear picture to the team users regarding the areas to improve in their fleet management and potentially reduce the carbon footprint of their vessels.

Falmouth Harbour is our second pilot boat owner customer after Forth Ports in the UK. Soon we will announce a new one. If you would like to learn more about Marfle Fleet Analytics, you can book a demo session and have a conversation with us.