Don't let your engine wear away

Engine wearing is one of the leading problems in maritime when it comes to engine health. Often, vessels are being operated in rough conditions for very long hours and engine lives expire quite before expectations. Operations like pilotage or crew transferring require agile actions especially during docking or transferring the staff and not enough of attention is paid sometimes for slowing the engines down. Unfortunately, the less time is dedicated, the more engines are worn.

The graph below exemplifies well the importance of proper engine cooldown. In this example, RPM drops dramatically in a very short time. Here we see that port side engine's cycle drops to 588 RPM from 1833 RPM in less than a minute while speed is approaching to zero. At the same time, coolant temperatures go up 3°C in less than a minute. They go up because the engine room is still hot and not enough time was dedicated for engine cooldown. Engine room and other parts have still very high temperatures. If we assume that such engine conditions occur even just 5 times a day, it clearly wears the engines and reduces engine life significantly.


Real-time analysis of conditions which causes engine wearing

A proper engine cooldown consists of two parts:

  • Slowdown to cooldown: Vessel is smoothly closed down few minutes before coming to pier.
  • Cooldown at the pier: Engine is being held idle for 5-15 minutes.

Real–time engine monitoring can be very useful to understand driving-styles and notice any mistakes. If you are capable of understanding what actually is happening with your engines through in-depth analyses like coolant temperatures, pressures, RPMs, fuel consumptions, engine load, etc. in a given moment, you can avoid such mistakes that might badly wear your engines.

You can also receive other driving style alerts which migh result in engine wearing like cold starts, fast engine slowdown, insufficient cooldown, etc. in real-time. You can set the limits. Whenever these limits are exceeded, you can be informed by different notifications like SMS to your mobile.


You can receive instant notifications for driving styles which might result in engine wearing.

Marfle Fleet Analytics can pay its cost in a short period of time by preventing failures, minimizing downtime and extending engine life. Contact us for more information.