Navigating Success: Tidal Transit's Thriving Partnership with Marfle


Embarking on a remarkable journey in the offshore wind sector, Tidal Transit, with Leo Hambro as its Commercial Director, proudly shares the success story of its collaboration with Marfle. With a fleet of six vessels in the UK and a joint venture, LD Tide, featuring four vessels in the French market, Tidal Transit's experience with Marfle unfolds as a testament to innovation and progress.

Benefits Realized

  1. Remote Diagnostics: Marfle's contribution extends to enabling Tidal Transit to access real-time data, a critical element in diagnosing issues promptly and ensuring vessel safety.
  2. Access to Historic Data: Historic data has been invaluable for Tidal Transit, helping identify trends and continuously enhance operational efficiency.
  3. EcoPro Catalytic Hydrogen System: Marfle supported Tidal Transit in showcasing the economic and environmental benefits of the EcoPro system. This system introduces hydrogen into the air intake, leading to significant fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Specific Use Cases

Tidal Transit's implementation of the Ecomotus system on the vessel "Kitty Petra" provided evidence of substantial savings in fuel costs and CO2 emissions. This success strengthened client relationships and bolstered the product's credibility.

Another important use case involved vessel motion monitoring, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Motion sickness indicators and slip rates were meticulously monitored.

Future Strategies and Goals

Tidal Transit is focused on transitioning their vessels from diesel to electric propulsion systems. They intend to involve Marfel in monitoring and optimizing these systems for efficiency. Their goal isn't just decarbonization but achieving the highest energy efficiency possible. The aim is to efficiently utilize energy through the right propulsion systems, energy management, and onboard systems, and Marfel is expected to help in developing control and monitoring systems for improved energy efficiency.
Furthermore, Tidal Transit is committed to enhancing real-time data integration through Marfle TV to create a comprehensive dashboard for ongoing vessel activity monitoring.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, Leo Hambro strongly recommends organizations adopt Marfle for access to invaluable data that can be a game-changer in an industry focused on precision, efficiency, and safety. Emphasizing comprehensive adoption across different vessel engines, he underscores the value of Marfle's data-driven approach in empowering organizations to make informed decisions and maximize resource utilization.
Tidal Transit's partnership with Marfle stands as a beacon, showcasing the transformative power of data-driven insights in the maritime industry. From overcoming initial skepticism to achieving significant fuel savings and emissions reductions, Marfle has become an integral part of Tidal Transit's operations. The company eagerly looks forward to continuing its sustainability efforts with the unwavering support of Marfle.