Marfle helps CTV's to track offshore wind turbine operations

Marfle Fleet Analytics

Marfle Fleet Analytics is a Software as a Service that gives you access to your vessels' engine and trip data anywhere with mobile or laptop. Accessing that information anywhere is a powerful tool to improve management and communication with vessel's crew.

Marfle's Analytics is used by following CTV companies:

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Mike's testimonial

“The user-interface depicts the situation well and we use it for more effective communication with the vessel crew and onshore engineers.”
Mike Proudlove
Operations Director, Offshore Turbine Services

New features

With our CTV customers we have designed some features especially for offshore wind turbine business. Features that are added to Marfle Analytics during beginning of this year include:

  • Report of wind turbine visits (screen shot below)
  • Monthly digest email from your fleet - overview of fuel usage, nautical miles etc.
  • Many usability improvements (Special thanks to Mike P.)


Detailed information supports planning of your and your customers operations. Combined with other information you can e.g. estime how much time is needed for certain maintenance task.


Accessing vessel operations from the comfort of your office has high value. You can provide good data for your O&M customer to support planning and assessing performance. And you can gain efficiency by better information and communication.