Collect sea trial data with Marfle

Marfle’s new solution allows shipyards to save and analyse vessel data easily during sea trials. It automates the manual data saving process and helps shipyards analyse vessel performance in a more detail.

Here, Jens Ahlskog who is the director of Kewatec shipyard shares his thoughts about the product:

It is an essential information for our naval architects and sales organization to have extensive performance data from every boat we launch and deliver. We have been collecting this information, such as boat speed, engine data, fuel consumption, ship trim angle, bollard pull, etc. in several load conditions for speed intervals over the full range. The documentation had to be done manually, writing the values down in spreadsheets, because the parameters are coming from several sources. The Marfle product collects the sea trial data automatically for every sea trip, which gives us an enormous improvement of the usage of the data afterwards, and enables us to further optimize our products.

Still many boat builders collect different sorts of vessel data manually during sea trials. Automating data collection and analysis saves manual work during sea trials on the vessel and afterwards while analysing data and creating reporting material for the customers in the office.

Naturally, shipyards want to collect as much data as possible. With the power of vessel data, they can evaluate the performance of new built vessels better and design even better ones. However, old fashioned data collection way limits the total amount of data that can be saved and makes it challenging to analyse it later in the design phase of new vessels.

                                It is not easy to capture vessel data manually.

Let’s take fuel performance data for example. Different engine and vessel properties lead to different fuel profiles. Fuel consumption values in different speed, RPM and load levels should be saved to analyse the performance of different engines and vessel designs. Manually it is impossible to save this huge amount of data. Marfle’s sea trial package automates data collection process and collects and analyses fuel profiles automatically. Data becomes accessible simultaneously both onboard and in the office with a user friendly interface. This saves substantial amount of time and allows the crew to focus on sea trials instead of manual data saving.

Our new product’s first user is Kewatec shipyard from Finland. It is a well-known boat manufacturer which has customers including Finnpilot and Bukser og Berging. Sea trial package’s portable and plug and play features make it very easy to use in different vessels. Mounting, connecting and setup on a new vessel can be done in half an hour and users can access the system with a user-friendly interface on their mobile devices.

                        Marfle's sea trial solution is a plug and play portable device.

Kewatec shipyard uses Marfle systems not only for sea trials, but also for providing a better and more proactive service to its customers. Finnpilot and Bukser og Berging uses Marfle’s flagship product Marfle Fleet Analytics in their fleet. By connecting to the system, Kewatec is able to see the analyses about engine health and insights for possible engine problems. These insights allow Kewatec to see the behaviour of different engine parameters in the long term and act proactively to avoid any major engine breakdown. In addition, system can analyse vessel motion with motion sensors and this allows Kewatec to analyse vessel behaviour in different circumstances and improve the safety of future designs.

On the flipside, Marfle Fleet Analytics allows vessel owners to optimize their operations, review them for safety, efficiency and professional development, prevent unnecessary engine wearing and analyse engine data for preventative maintenance.

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