Buksér og Berging chooses Marfle once again

Buksér og Berging decided to expand  the use of Marfle Fleet Analytics with a new deal for 17 pilot boats. BuBe will be using the system in 23 vessels in total when the installations are completed in the following weeks.

First installation on a BuBe vessel had taken place in December 2018. Since that time, first they installed the system to 4 more vessels nearly one year ago and now they decided to use the system in whole pilot boat fleet. According to BuBe managers, their biggest satisfaction from Marfle Fleet Analytics can be summarized as:

-          Online access to real-time data: Users can log in the system anytime and anywhere to see vessel and fleet data instantly.

-          Easy comparison of different vessels’ fuel consumption.

-          In-depth engine data analyses for possible problems.

-          Accessing all the data on a single portal and easiness to extract it.

-          Highly efficient system

Fleet overview, engine analytics and vessel fuel comparison are standard in Marfle Fleet Analytics.

Marfle Fleet Analytics will also calculate vessel NOx emissions and automate manual reporting process for BuBe. According to the NOx fund, shipping industry has the biggest potential to reduce NOx emissions and all the companies who have affiliated to the Participant Agreement have an obligation to report NOx emissions each quarter and pay NOx emissions tax to the fund.

Shipping industry has the biggest potential to reduce NOx emissions.

Marfle engineer Iivari will hit the road on a ferry headed to Stockholm from Helsinki. He will drive throughout south coast of Norway from Oslo to Bergen. We will be sharing details of this exciting trip in future posts on Marfle Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts. We wish him good luck especially for the installation in Honningsvåg (2.000 km up north from Oslo) in February!

Marfle team is ready for installations.

Installation trip will take place from 5th to 7th week of this year for the vessels in south of Norway. During this time, Iivari will be also attending meetings with other fleet owners. We are very eager to set up new meetings as well. Please, do not hesitate to call us or drop an email for arranging a meeting.