New customer from aquaculture industry: AQS!

Marfle keeps growing in Norway with a leading company from aquaculture industry: AQS!

The company is one of the largest aquaculture service providers in Norway with a fleet of 15 specialized service vessels up to 49 meters. These vessels operate along the long coast from central Norway to Finnmark.

We had our first meeting with AQS management team in Aqua Nor exhibition in August 2021. They had showcased their beautiful vessel AQS Tor in the exhibition. It was a great pleasure for us to brainstorm the possible uses of Marfle Fleet Analytics with the top management of AQS.

AQS managers stated that the biggest use of Marfle Fleet Analytics is the system’s in-depth fuel economy analyses. Users can easy see the average fuel consumptions of the vessels for different speed and RPM levels in a user-friendly interface. Fleet managers can set their optimal speed levels, communicate these limits with their masters and act proactively to maintain low fuel consumption in their operations. These capabilities will definitely help AQS in reducing their fuel consumptions and and carbon emissions.

AQS Loke is the first vessel that is equipped with Marfle Fleet Analytics in AQS fleet.

Second most important feature for AQS managers is emissions monitoring. The system calculates generated CO2 and NOX values and the users can download automated Excel reports effortlessly. Since the Norwegian companies are obliged to pay taxes for their vessel emissions, reporting these emissions become an important topic in Norway. Moreover, AQS can share these reports with their customers and show their expertise in greener operations.

Our first installation was performed in AQS Loke which is the largest service catamaran in the company’s fleet. Rogaland Marine which is Marfle's official partner in Norway carried out the installation.

We are hoping to install the system in more vessels in AQS fleet. Digitalization of all vessel operations could maximize the benefits that AQS can get from Marfle Fleet Analytics. Reducing carbon emissions of more vessels can contribute to the transformation of AQS fleet towards greener operations.

In addition to improving operations for each vessel, AQS can also receive reports about overall fleet activities. This can facilitate the fleet management for the managers in the office greatly.