Ambulance boat with marine analytics

Marfle's long standing customer from Norway Bukser og Berging has installed Marfle Fleet Analytics to its new ambulance boat Austevolljenta. With the latest installation, number of Bukser og Berging vessels that benefit from Marfle’s marine analytics solution has reached to 26.

The new vessel was built by Marfle’s partner Kewatec. Kokkola based shipyard had also built 10 pilot boats for Bukser og Berging in the past. 22 meters long ambulance boat is equipped with 2 Volvo Penta diesel engines with IPS propulsion. It was designed for demanding sea conditions and will be used for transporting patients and rescuing people in Austevoll region near Bergen in Norway. The boat’s name Austevolljenta means Austevoll girl.

It is rather unusual for us to encounter with an ambulance boat. According to Kewatec, there are a few dozens of ambulance boats in the coasts of Norway and Sweden. The installation was carried out in the shipyard and later the vessel was transported to Norway. After the vessel has passed many tests and approved by Norwegian authorities, it was driven to Austevoll on its own keel.

When we examine Bukser og Berging’s vessels on Marfle Fleet Analytics,  we see that the company uses the system actively and pays a special attention to the fuel economy analyses. In these analyses, the users can easily see the average fuel consumptions that correspond to each speed and RPM level. This allows users to decide the most optimal speed and RPM ranges to maintain low fuel consumption in their operations. It is also possible to compare fuel performance of different vessels in the system.

Even the slightest difference in fuel consumption for different speed levels can make a big impact on the fuel savings in the long term. Through fuel economy analyses, Bukser og Berging managers set the optimal speed range to maintain low fuel consumption and communicate the decision with their masters on-board. The managers are able to see speed and fuel consumption data during the operations in real-time. In addition, we have also developed an on-board display for the masters on-board. It visualizes fuel performance data and provides guidance for maintaining low fuel consumption during the operations in real-time.

Our Norwegian partner Rogaland Marine also works closely with Bukser og Berging. The company has expertise in keeping the marine diesel engines running. By accessing in-depth engine data through Marfle system, Rogaland Marine has better understanding in engine conditions and offers preventative engine maintenance services to Bukser og Berging for maximizing their marine diesel engines’ lifetime. Users of the system can keep an eye on the most important engine parameters both in real-time and also historically. Morever, it is possible to analyze long-term behaviour of different engine parameters.

Considering that Bukser of Berging is using Marfle Fleet Analytics actively in more than 20 vessels, the system helps them reduce their fuel consumptions and emissions significantly.

In addition to the ambulance boat, Bukser og Berging uses Marfle Fleet Analytics in a fleet of pilot boats.

Austevolljenta’s installation was carried out in Kewatec shipyard in Finland, but Rogaland Marine also performs the installations for Marfle’s customers in Norway. We believe that our partnership with Rogaland Marine has a big positive impact on Marfle’s presence in Norway.

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