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What is Marfle?

Marfle helps to understand what is happening at sea.

From the comfort of your office you can see how the crews operate their vessels at sea. Marfle shows how crews drive, how engines respond to different conditions and how all this reflects in fuel economy.

Oh, and it works on mobile too.

“The user-interface depicts the situation well and we use it for more effective communication with the vessel crew and onshore engineers.”
Mike Proudlove
Operations Director, Offshore Turbine Services

Control Fuel Economy

Monitor Engine Performance

Track Fleet in Real Time

Control Fuel Economy

Follow fuel consumption of your whole fleet. Compare fuel usage of similar vessels or trips. Steer driving style to match engine characteristics. Increase efficiency of fuel usage by reacting on problems.

Monitor Engine Performance

Analyze recorded engine parameters for every trip. Recognize problems in running engine. Reduce vessel downtime by planning maintenance ahead. Compare performance of same type vessels.

Track Fleet in Real Time

Get a full picture of your fleet usage. Analyze recorded trips to find new route options. Prevent unnecessary driving.

How It Works

Marfle collects and records marine fleet usage with data collectors installed onboard. Fleet usage is then analyzed and presented in an easy-to-use web application.

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